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(ee-YAH-deem) Sapient, spacefaring race. Their home-world is located approximately 9,000 light-years from Sol, according to best sources. The Y'yadim are a secretive and reclusive race, rarely venturing outside their territory and never allowing others in. All available material on this race is based on distant observation, deduction, a small number of credible claims of contact, and the work of various Intelligence agencies that have stolen information from the Holloth or purchased it from the Timirians.



The Y'yadim are mysterious organisms. They have no apparent skeletal structure, internal or external. The vast majority of cells in their body have the ability to vary their rigidity. This makes them amazingly flexible and possibly quite strong. The resistance one feels when touching a Y'yadim could vary from something like sponge rubber to that of hardwood. Y'yadim are known to vary in color, although green has been reported most often.

The Y'yadim's central organism is surrounded by a ring of stalks. These are tall, radial appendages, the exact number of which varies by individual. The bottom of a stalk terminates in three “feet”, while the top tapers to a flexible, snake-like “finger”. The external surface is covered with thick hairs that may act as a sensory organ for vibration, which is believed to be their primary sense.

The key word for the Y'yadim physiology might be “decentralized”. They have any number of pumps for bodily fluids, glands, digestive passages, transpiration organs, and other unknown systems replicated throughout their bodies, both the core and the stalks. It is possible that a wounded Y'yadim could support the core being by sacrificing the upkeep of the stalks, each one acting like an emergency life-support system. Even the Y'yadim's organs of thought – its brain, so to speak – might be decentralized and redundantly contained throughout its body, possibly even the stalks.


It is believed the Y'yadim have a keen awareness of vibration, whether in the ground or air. The few that have been observed communicating with Holloth seem to prefer doing so through physical contact, never emitting noise. While the Y'yadim have no obvious eyes, their plant-like physiology may imply some skin-level ability to discern light from dark, giving them a weak equivalent of eyesight.


Y'yadim diet is uncertain, but observers report that the core being has a “rot sac” – a pouch-like body cavity into which they collect food for digestion or decomposition. Like the rest of it's physiology, there may be redundancy in the rot sacs.


Nothing is known of Y'yadim reproduction. Given the outward diversity of their species, it is accepted they are not asexual beings, but precisely how they mate remains a mystery.


Nothing is known of Y'yadim psychology. Given their peculiar physiology and behavior, it has been theorized their psychology may be so wholly alien as to be unintelligible to their sapient neighbors.


Little information is available on the Y'yadim. They've had few face-to-face contacts with other races and do not tolerate visitors into their space. Long-term observation is not taken kindly and typically jammed. The only species they meet with on a regular basis (the Holloth) refuses to say much about the enigmatic race.

The only source of reliable information is the Timirians, around whom Y'yadim territory has grown. They've had a handful of meetings with the Y'yadim and occasionally observe their systems for brief periods using long-range sensors. However, even their understanding of the Y'yadim is sketchy at best. They can shed no light on Y'yadim art, entertainment, religion, or social organization.

Despite their reclusive nature, the Y'yadim are strangely interested in fostering positive relations among the other sapient species of the galaxy. Through their client race, the Holloth, the Y'yadim set the foundational treaties for Tradespace, reduced the level of conflict between the Mordeth and their neighbors, and continue to urge cultural and economic exchange. Though they have never become directly involved, they are publicly perturbed by the conflict between Sirini and humans, as well as the total disregard for any free space between the two races.


While nothing of Y'yadim politics has been made public to outsiders, it has been inferred there may be factions in their empire. It is unclear how the Y'yadim factions formed, why they exist, or what they mean. Unlike other races, the factions do not compete, fight, or show any signs of strife. However, the Timirians insist that the Y'yadim have divided their territory into three regions, and ships from one region rarely cross into the other regions, as if they were independent states.

* Lothans

* Central Corridor

* Y'ytoki

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